X-Plane Developer

Developer resources for the X-Plane flight simulator
  • https://github.com/der-On/XPlane2Blender/releases/tag/v3.4.0-beta.3 If you have been doing work with manipulators during beta.1, please download this new one and review the notes! Download the latest here: io_xplane2blender_3_4_0_b3.zip Fixes #ATTR_layer_group_draped causing KeyErrors Reverts bad change to manipulators properties* Adds ".beta.3" will be printed … Continue reading →

  • Austin Meyer will be hosting a Reddit AMA! Check it out tomorrow, August 16th at 9:30pm EST. Ask him anything! He'll answer questions on X-Plane, flying, patent trolls, life, his new movie, game development, Android, and more.

  • XPlane2Blender v3.4.0-beta2 So far so good (aside from one big breaking problem)! Fixes #289 periodic filename_ext error notifications. #288, 292 loc/rot/show/hide upgraded improperly Add X-Plane Layers button for new projects now longer hidden Adds Re-run updater button - USE WITH … Continue reading →

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