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Developer resources for the X-Plane flight simulator X-Plane Developer
  • Release notes detail the bug fixes here. We have another set of bug fixes that will go into beta 4 next week.We’ve received a number of bug reports from plugin developers trying to use the new plugin APIs. We’ll have another beta next week to address the rest of the open issues, including the ability to (finally) use widget-based UI in VR. Read More

  • It’s like beta 1, but without the missing art asset. 🙂We’re working on beta 3 now, which will have some fixes for rendering bugs. A few notes:This is not going to be a typical eight-week beta. Please go check your add-ons this week. Read More

  • Release candidate builds for WED 1.7 are now available for testing. A big thanks to Michael for leading a lot of this development. He kept all this moving along at a much faster rate than if we’d been left to our own devices! Read More

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