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  • In the past, our posts breaking down X-Plane usage data have been… well… intermittent at best. Not because we don’t think sharing this stuff is important—it absolutely is—but simply because gathering the data, putting it into nice charts, and writing up a blog post took time away from developing X-Plane itself. Read More The post Usage Data Never Goes Out of Style appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • We have fixed the two high visibility bugs reported over the last couple days, and now have beta two out. This build should have fixed the cloud rendering issue as well as the scenery pack typo.If you had installed beta 1, you should be auto-prompted to update. Read More The post On to the Next: X-Plane 11.35b2 appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • Download it here!It has been some time! I have been working as hard as I can on the converter (to great applause so far!), but, there have still been some features and fixes developed along the way. By now it was time to collect and release them! Read More The post XPlane2Blender v3.5.1-beta.1 appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

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