Helsinki Metropolitan VFR scenery

Created on Thursday, 15 May 2014 Published Date

It is with great excitement that we hereby announce our up-and-coming Helsinki Metropolitan VFR scenery.
The product covers all the most important landmarks in Sipoo, Kerava, Tuusula and Järvenpää with HDR lighting, extremely accurate forests and numerous other features.

Future feature list :

  • -Contains large areas around EFHF (Malmi) and the upcoming EFHK (Helsinki-Vantaa) airports
  • -Works seamlesly with these airports
  • -At this point the scenery streches more than 10 nm to the east of EFHF and about 20 nm north
  • -This area will be widened with future scenery packs
  • -Orthophoto resolution 30-50cm per pixel
  • -Lots of custom objects
  • -Thousands of hand placed objects
  • -Customized OSM2XP facades
  • -Very accurate forests and trees, even in city/suburban areas
  • -Custom built HDR-lighting
  • -Hand edited seashores offering a very realistic coastline
  • -Screenshots are from the area of Malmi, Vantaa (Hakunila, Sotunki), Sipoo (Sipoo coast, Sipoonlahti, Sipoonjoki and Nikkilä).
  • -Planned coverage includes the citys of Kerava and Järvenpää and the municipality of Tuusula and the area surrounding Lake Tuusula
  • -In the north this scenery meets the Truscenery EFHV (Hyvinkää) scenery, so you can fly from EFHF to EFHV (about 30 mins flight via Sipoo with a Cessna 172)

No release schedule has been established yet.

See preview pictures here.



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