EFIK Kiikala 0.9

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The Kiikala Aviation Center (ICAO: EFIK) is an airport in Salo.Situated approximately 25 kilometres east of central Salo and approximately 7 kilometres east of the locality of Kiikala, this two-runway airfield (930 and 600 metres) is a glider operations hotspot, with winches serving as the primary means of tow. The airfield is also actively used by the Guard Jaeger Regiment and the Finnish Military Naval Academy for combat excercise purposes.

The airfield is also home to a meteorological observation station owned by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.


  • The early version of the airport building models
  • Airport lightning with X-Plane 10 features (required HDR ON, for full details)
  • 1 meter/pixel orthophoto scenery
  • High resolution finland vegetation


For X-Plane 10

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