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  • Gateway scenery artists may be interested in this document that contains useful tips for building better Gateway airports.  It provides a lot of examples so you can save a little construction time and take your scenery to the next level. I’ve been putting it together for some time, based on experience moderating quite a lot of them! Read MoreThe post Building better Gateway airports appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • It’s out the door! (Steam should go “final” tomorrow morning, but you can get the final now – it’s still marked as a “beta”.)  Here’s everything that happened.I expect we’ll do an 11.31 bug fix patch in the next week or two – 11.30 release candidate three was just critical fixes, e.g. Read MoreThe post X-Plane 11.30 Is Final appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • As a developer, you’ll (hopefully) want your products to be VR compatible. To do so, you can of course use a real headset. If the need for debugging arises, that may not be very practical.So, here’s how to fake VR in X-Plane:For starters, you’ll want to bind a key combination to the “Toggle the 3-d mouse cursor in VR” command. Read MoreThe post Faking VR for fun and profit appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

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