X-Plane Developer

Developer resources for the X-Plane flight simulator
  • Download here: https://github.com/der-On/XPlane2Blender/releases/tag/v3.4.0-beta.5 Change Log New Features Build Version Numbers XPlane2Blender's new version number system is will allow us to debug .blend and .obj file even faster. It should also make making updates to the data model easier to implement. … Continue reading →

  • With 11.10 there is a new way aircraft only shadows are done, as well as how aircraft icons are generated. The big change is how we calculate the volume of the aircraft which up until now was based on all … Continue reading →

  • Tyler posted about some of the new features coming to the X-Plane SDK version 3.0 API (available with 11.10 once we find the last bug and move it somewhere else). Here's how compatibility works for the windowing system. First, since … Continue reading →

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