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  • Before Ben left on his family trip (and he was very adamant that it was not a “vacation” because the kids were going along) we got an X-Plane 11.20r1 build ready for possible release this week. Tyler and I must feel lucky because we’ve gone ahead and pulled the trigger to make this build public now. Read MoreThe post X-Plane 11.20r1 Available appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • The CEF post generated a lot of controversy, and rather than replying directly in the comments (and doing a bunch of copy & paste), I thought I’d collect my responses to the major objections here.Objection: Nobody wants to browse the web in X-Plane! Read MoreThe post Let’s Talk About CEF (Some More) appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • Plugin developers, Beta 5 includes a few new VR-specific APIs in the XPLMDisplay header.The complete list of VR-specific APIs is now:XPLMGetWindowGeometryVR()XPLMSetWindowGeometryVR()XPLMWindowIsInVR()A two-step process for allowing widget-based plugins to go to VR:Opt-in to the “modern” window APIs: XPLMEnableFeature("XPLM_USE_NATIVE_WIDGET_WINDOWS", 1)Use XPGetWidgetUnderlyingWindow() get an XPLMWindowID to pass to the XPLMDisplay APIsA new positioning mode to pass to XPLMSetWindowPositioningMode(): xplm_WindowVRTwo new messages sent to your XPluginReceiveMessage() callback, useful for knowing when to move your window in and out of VR:XPLM_MSG_ENTERED_VRXPLM_MSG_EXITING_VR—Note that when moving back to the 2-D monitor, you’ll also want to reposition the window—if you just change your positioning mode, the window will be offscreen. Read MoreThe post New VR APIs Are Available Now appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

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